HHMI's name, logo, and colors represent who we are and our innovative approach to science.

HHMI welcomes host institutions, grantees, and members of HHMI laboratories to use the HHMI logos included below (“HHMI Logos”) when designing presentations, announcements, or other communications about HHMI scientists, research and programs, in accordance with the following HHMI Logo Use Guidelines and the Terms of Use

HHMI Logo Use Guidelines

By following the design standards listed below, you help ensure that HHMI's name and scientific role are consistently presented. Please read the following design standards and terms carefully before you use any of the HHMI Logos:

  1. Use the HHMI Logos only in the exact form (including color) provided by HHMI, without alteration or modification.
  2. Use the HHMI Logos only to accurately represent HHMI scientists, research, or programs.
  3. Maintain clear space around the HHMI Logos. Any other logo or design elements must be at least two full m-heights of space from the HHMI Logo. The minimum amount of clear space above the letter “i” in “hhmi” must be the m-height of the letter m.
  4. The HHMI Logos that include “Howard Hughes Medical Institute” must not be used below 1.5 inches in width due to legibility.
  5. Do not make any HHMI Logo larger than the marks of your institution.
  6. Do not incorporate any HHMI Logo into, or combine any HHMI Logo with, any other logo or design.
  7. Do not use any HHMI Logo in any way that reasonably could constitute endorsement of any commercial product or service.
  8. If requested by HHMI, you must immediately remove any HHMI Logo.
  9. All use of the HHMI Logos is subject to the Terms of Use.

These HHMI Logo Use Guidelines may change from time to time. Check periodically for updates. If you are not a permitted user of the HHMI Logos, or would like to use an HHMI Logo for a purpose not permitted above, please contact the Office of Communications.


The HHMI signature and logo files are provided for download in EPS and JPG formats.

HHMI Signature

HHMI signature color
HHMI signature black
HHMI horizontal signature in white
HHMI vertical signature color
HHMI vertical signature black


HHMI logo color
HHMI Logo black


Contact the Office of Communications with questions about HHMI's graphic identity.

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