The policies in this group apply to HHMI Investigators or Freeman Hrabowski Scholars only. The scientists at the Janelia Research Campus are not subject to these policies.

Investigator Administrative and Non-Research Activities and Salary Supplementation for Administrative Service to Host 

This policy describes the types of administrative service and other non-research activities that Investigators may perform and explains circumstances under which an HHMI Investigator may receive a salary supplement for administrative services provided to his or her host institution.

Laboratory Head Transfers

This policy describes the circumstances under which HHMI Investigators and Freeman Hrabowski Scholars are eligible to request to transfer from their HHMI host institution to another institution. The policy applies to a transfer from the HHMI host institution at which the HHMI Investigator or Freeman Hrabowski Scholar is initially appointed as well as to all subsequent transfers.

Research at Institutions Other Than the Host Institution

HHMI believes that an Investigator's scientific program is generally aided by concentration of the Investigator's research activities in a single location, where these activities can be better managed and are, as a consequence, more effective. Similarly, concentration in a single location benefits an Investigator's non-research activities, including mentoring students and postdoctoral fellows as well as fulfilling responsibilities to the host institution. Accordingly, HHMI generally prefers that Investigators conduct their research program at a single host institution.

Sabbatical Leave for Investigators

This policy applies to HHMI Investigators at host-based sites who would like to take sabbatical leave from their host institution. It does not apply to group leaders at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus.

Investigator Phase-out and Gift Options

This policy describes support provided to HHMI Investigators at host-based sites during a non-renewable phase-out period. In addition, it sets forth options for HHMI Investigators to receive a gift of research funding to their host institution at the end of an HHMI appointment.