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Access to Publications

This policy establishes HHMI’s expectations relating to public accessibility of publications resulting from research in HHMI laboratories. This policy applies to all HHMI laboratory heads, including HHMI Investigators, Freeman Hrabowski Scholars, and Janelia Senior Group Leaders, Group Leaders, and Fellows.

Sharing Published Materials/Responsibilities of HHMI Authors

This policy establishes HHMI’s expectations that all HHMI laboratory heads, whether based at host institutions or at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus, will include in their publications sufficient information about their experimental methods and procedures, and make available data, software, and tangible research materials, to enable other scientists to reproduce and extend the results of all publications on which the HHMI laboratory head is an author.

Materials Transfers

The sharing of biological and other research materials among laboratories is an essential aspect of scientific citizenship. In that spirit, HHMI expects its laboratory heads, and all members of the academic research community, to make their published materials available for research use by other scientists and to handle requests for such materials expeditiously.