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Consulting for Companies

This policy provides general rules applicable to any service by HHMI laboratory heads as consultants to companies.


Company Talks, Conferences, and Seminars 

This policy applies to consulting that involves giving a talk to company employees or participating in a one- or two-day conference or seminar convened by a company.

Consulting for and Equity Ownership in Start-Up and other Private Companies

This policy describes the special rules applicable to consulting for, and equity ownership in, start-up and other private companies.

Service as a Member of a Company’s Board of Directors

This policy applies to service by HHMI laboratory heads as members of a company’s board of directors.

Consulting in Connection with Litigation 

This policy applies to consulting by HHMI laboratory heads in connection with litigation, such as service as an expert witness.

Service to Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies

This policy describes special rules for consulting arrangements between all HHMI laboratory employees, other than directors or managers of shared resource facilities at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus, and nonprofit entities or government organizations.