Ten scientists affiliated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Seven Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators, one HHMI senior scientific officer, one HHMI professor, and one HHMI international research scholar have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. They are among 72 new members and 18 foreign associates elected today in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. In addition to the newly elected members, 124 HHMI investigators are members of the Academy.

The National Academy of Sciences is a private organization of scientists and engineers dedicated to the furtherance of science and its use for the general welfare. It was established in 1863 by a congressional act of incorporation signed by Abraham Lincoln that calls on the Academy to act as an official adviser to the federal government, upon request, in any matter of science or technology.

The HHMI scientists newly elected to the National Academy of Sciences are:

HHMI Investigators

Ralph R. Isberg

Tufts University School of Medicine

Tyler Jacks

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

G. Shirleen Roeder

Yale University

Kevan M. Shokat

University of California, San Francisco

Paul W. Sternberg

California Institute of Technology

Jonathan S. Weissman

University of California, San Francisco

S. Lawrence Zipursky

University of California, Los Angeles

HHMI Senior Scientific Officer

Marian B. Carlson

Columbia University

HHMI Professor

Baldomero M. Olivera

University of Utah

HHMI International Research Scholar

Pascale Cossart

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

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