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  • Eric Betzig, PhD Investigator
    Innovations in Imaging to Drive Discovery in...
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Sangeeta N. Bhatia, MD, PhD Investigator
    Tiny Technologies and Regenerative Medicine
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Paul D. Bieniasz, PhD Investigator
    Molecular Biology of Retroviruses and Their Hosts
    The Rockefeller University
  • Sue Biggins, PhD Investigator
    Structure and Function of Kinetochores in Cell...
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Jesse D. Bloom, PhD Investigator
    The Molecular Evolution of Proteins and Viruses
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Squire J. Booker, PhD Investigator
    Unraveling Cellular Chemical Reactions
    Pennsylvania State University
  • Olga Boudker, PhD Investigator
    Glutamate Transporters in Synaptic Signaling
    Cornell University
  • Edward S. Boyden, PhD Investigator
    Creating Tools for Mapping and Repairing the Brain
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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