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  • Manuel Ares, Jr., PhD HHMI Professor
    Hughes Undergraduate Research Laboratory
    University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Utpal Banerjee, PhD HHMI Professor
    Research-Based Science Instruction for Early-...
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • Hilary A. Godwin, PhD HHMI Professor
    Undergraduate Success in Science
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • Bob Goldberg, PhD HHMI Professor
    Genetic Engineering for the Non-Science Major:...
    University of California - –Los Angeles
  • Susan S. Golden, PhD HHMI Professor
    BioClock Studio: Integrating Circadian Rhythms...
    University of California, San Diego
  • Mark Goldman, PhD HHMI Professor
    Quantitative Biology: The Interdisciplinary...
    University of California, Davis
  • Tracy L. Johnson, PhD HHMI Professor
    UCLA-HHMI Pathways to Success Program
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • Susan K. McConnell, PhD HHMI Professor
    New Paradigms for Scientific Communication
    Stanford University
  • Diane K. O'Dowd, PhD HHMI Professor
    Bridging the Divide Between Research and Teaching...
    University of California, Irvine
  • Aydogan Ozcan, PhD HHMI Professor
    Program for Translational Biophotonics and...
    University of California, –Los Angeles
  • Pavel A. Pevzner, PhD HHMI Professor
    Algorithmic Biology Collaborative Research...
    University of California, San Diego
  • Jasper Rine, PhD HHMI Professor
    Overhauling the Introductory Biology Laboratory...
    University of California
  • Robert L. Sah, MD, ScD HHMI Professor
    Joints by Nature and by Design: Integrating...
    University of California, San Diego
  • Tim Stearns, PhD HHMI Professor
    The Pre-Grad Program in Biological Research
    Stanford University
  • Susan R. Wessler, PhD HHMI Professor
    The Dynamic Genome Courses: Introducing Authentic...
    University of California, Riverside
  • Richard N. Zare, PhD HHMI Professor
    An Interdisciplinary, Hands-On Undergraduate...
    Stanford University
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