Research Areas

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  • Xinzhong Dong, PhD Investigator
    Mechanisms of Itch and Pain Sensation
    The Johns Hopkins University
  • Joshua T. Dudman, PhD Janelia Senior Group Leader
    The Neural Circuit Mechanisms of Reinforcement...
    Janelia Research Campus
  • Loren M. Frank, PhD Investigator
    Neural Circuits Underlying Learning and Decision-...
    University of California, San Francisco
  • Jeffrey M. Friedman, MD, PhD Investigator
    Physiological Regulation of Food Intake and Body...
    The Rockefeller University
  • David D. Ginty, PhD Investigator
    Peripheral Nervous System and Spinal Cord...
    Harvard Medical School
  • Eric Gouaux, PhD Investigator
    Molecular Principles of Signal Transduction in...
    Oregon Health & Science University
  • Timothy D. Harris, PhD Janelia Senior Fellow
    Tools to Study Neural Circuits and Connections
    Janelia Research Campus
  • Lily Y. Jan, PhD Investigator
    Ion Channel Function and Regulation in the...
    University of California, San Francisco
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