Medical Research Fellows Program

HHMI’s Medical Research Fellows Program is being suspended. HHMI will not be accepting new applications in the fall of 2018. Current Fellows will continue their experiences through 2019.

Over the past three decades, the Med Fellows Program has supported more than 1,800 medical, veterinary, and dental students in research experiences. As we celebrate the achievements of the Med Fellows, HHMI also seeks to experiment with new ways to achieve our goal of making science education, and science, more inclusive.  We are working to positively impact the highest number of students we can, with a growing emphasis on sustaining inclusive environments for all students at universities and colleges around the country. To do that, we are shifting resources into a number of other efforts, including our Inclusive Excellence, Science Education Alliance (SEA) and Gilliam Fellows programs. Please join us in continuing to work to improve science education for all.

The Medical Research Fellows Program was designed to encourage the development of future medical-scientists by providing a year of full-time, mentored laboratory research training to medical, dental, and veterinary students with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to biomedical research, but who were not enrolled in an MD/PhD (or equivalent) program.

The program enabled students to be immersed in a high-impact, intensive research experience at a critical time in their professional education, before making plans for residency or postdoctoral training. Unique aspects of the program included national and regional professional development activities, mentorship by physician-scientists, interaction with HHMI investigators, and integration into a community of like-minded peers.

Each student selected and worked with a mentor to develop a basic, translational, or applied biomedical research proposal. 

Med Fellows have been supported by organizations partnering with HHMI:

  • American Society of Human Genetics

  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund (veterinary students)

  • Duchenne Research Fund

  • Foundation Fighting Blindness (inherited retinal degenerative disease research)

  • Parkinson's Foundation

  • Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation