International Student Research Fellowships

The HHMI International Student Research Fellowships support outstanding international graduate students who are pursuing a PhD in the United States and have demonstrated high potential to be research pioneers and scientific innovators.

2015 International Student Research Fellows

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NOTE: HHMI will not be holding any future competitions for the fellowship.  The final competition year was 2016. 

The HHMI International Student Research Fellowships program facilitates the research training of outstanding international predoctoral students (not U.S. citizens, noncitizen nationals, or permanent residents) pursuing a PhD in the United States in the biomedical and related sciences, including physical and mathematical sciences. These students often have difficulty receiving funding to support their studies, as they are not eligible for federal fellowships, training grant support, or other governmental opportunities that are generally reserved for U.S. citizens.

Fellows have been nominated, either in their second or third year of PhD study, by U.S. institutions that host one or more HHMI investigators. Fellows are supported for up to three years (or until the fifth year of study) while engaged in doctoral dissertation research. HHMI chose to fund the third to fifth years of graduate school because, by this time, most students have chosen a graduate adviser, identified a research project, and demonstrated their potential for success in the lab.

The majority of students who have completed the fellowship have gone on to receive a PhD, and those who participate in related networking activities, such as attendance at HHMI science meetings and conferences, have formed collaborations across labs and gained postdoctoral appointments in HHMI investigator labs.

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