Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP)

HHMI’s EXROP program is suspended, effective September 2018. HHMI has been honored to support nearly 1,000 undergraduate students through EXROP, over 16 years. As we celebrate the successes of EXROP students, we also need to experiment with new ways to achieve our goal of making science education more inclusive. We are working to positively impact the highest number of students we can, with a growing emphasis on sustaining inclusive environments for all students at universities and colleges around the country. To do that, we are shifting resources into a number of other efforts, including our Inclusive ExcellenceScience Education Alliance, and Gilliam Fellowships programs. Please join us in continuing to work to improve science education for all.

Sample EXROP Research Projects

View 2018 EXROP mentors and their project ideas.


The Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP) was designed to ensure that a diverse and highly trained workforce is prepared to assume leadership roles in science, including among college and university faculties responsible for developing the next generation of scientists. To do so, EXROP leveraged the resources and expertise of HHMI’s Science and Science Education departments.

Since EXROP’s inception in 2003, 988 undergraduates from 175 colleges and universities have been matched with 263 HHMI investigators, professors, early career scientists, and Janelia group leaders. Two hundred sixty-five of the 555 EXROP alumni who have earned a baccalaureate degree have gone on to graduate programs.

Exrop student Michelle Davila at 2014 meeting