Developing Scientists

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Sustained scientific excellence depends on the development of future scientists who come from all backgrounds and who are provided opportunities to actively learn in an inclusive environment. HHMI's Undergraduate and Graduate Programs are committed to supporting these efforts through thoughtful investment in individuals, programs and initiatives, guided by our Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.

Developing Scientists

Education Forward

The advancement of science depends on the development of scientific thinking skills and values in every citizen, including students who will become scientists.

Our Education Strategies

HHMI changes the way science is taught - by connecting scientists, educators, and scholars of teaching and learning, and by catalyzing innovation in science education.

Discovery Forward

The future of science depends on students at all stages learning the process of science by engaging in discovery-based experiences and scientific research.

Our Discovery Strategies

HHMI drives discovery by supporting researchers at all stages, and by helping train the next generation of scientists.

Course-Based Research Experiences

HHMI supports programs that integrate the research and teaching missions of institutions of higher education, and has funded the development and expansion of some of the most effective programs in the country.

Leadership Forward

Scientific excellence depends on the development of scientific leaders who come from all backgrounds and who are nurtured by an inclusive environment.

Our Leadership Strategies

Diversity in science will be sustained through inclusion, and it is the responsibility of institutions such as colleges and universities to create an inclusive environment for all of their members.