NEXUS activities are coordinated through three bodies:
  • The Executive Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss business and to receive project updates from participating institutions. The committee chair is a rotating appointment determined by the members.
  • The Global Assessment Committee monitors the program evaluation framework and assessment strategies. It oversees assessment activities on the four campuses, coordinates activities, and facilitates sharing of expertise.
  • The Advisory Board meets annually with NEXUS teams and is available throughout the project for ongoing consultation and support.

Executive Steeri​ng Committee Members  

  • William LaCourse, PhD, chair, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Jean A. Chmielewski, Purdue University
  • Michael Gaines, PhD, University of Miami
  • Christine A. Hrycyna, Purdue University
  • Katerina Thompson, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Kathy Lee Sutphin, MBA (Ex Officio member), University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Global Assess​ment Committee Members

  • Barry Issenberg, MD, PhD, University of Miami
  • Edward (Joe) Redish, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Kathleen Dowell, PhD (Committee Chair), UMBC Liaison
  • Marcy Towns, PhD, Purdue University
  • David Hanauer, PhD (Assessment Consultant), Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The Advisory​ Board

  • Kenneth Burtis, PhD, board chair, University of California, Davis
  • Carol Brewer, PhD, University of Montana
  • Myra Burnett, PhD, Spelman College
  • Catherine Drennan, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Susan Elrod, PhD, Project Kaleidoscope
  • Robert Hilborn, PhD, American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Jose Mestre, PhD, University of Illinois
  • Claudia Neuhauser, PhD, University of Minnesota, Rochester
  • Clifton Poodry, PhD, National Institutes of Health

Advisor to the Global Assessment Committee

The advisor works with the NEXUS team to coordinate their efforts and develop their approach to competency-based assessment.

David Hanauer is a professor in the English department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the connection between literacy and science. His work with HHMI Professor Graham Hatfull to qualitatively describe and assess the Phage Hunting Integrating Research and Education program resulted in a publication in the journal Science and a book, Active Assessment: Assessing Scientific Inquiry.