Scientific Meetings and Enrichment Opportunities

Fellows have numerous opportunities throughout their fellowship year to take part in enrichment activities and become part of the community of Medical Fellows.

Med Fellows Regional Groups

Fellows will attend regional meetings and other events where they can share their research interests and receive career advice from program alumni and prominent physician-scientists. Past regional group events have included an HHMI investigator dinner/seminar series, regional symposia with talks by renowned researchers, dinners at faculty members’ homes, informal talks by fellows, holiday parties, and other social events.

HHMI Science Meeting

Fellows will have a chance to interact with HHMI investigators and learn about their latest findings by attending a science meeting at HHMI headquarters or the Janelia Research Campus.

Student Conferences

In the fall of their fellowship year, students will attend the Medical Fellows Kick-Off Meeting. During this two-day meeting, they will have a chance to interact with other students in year-long program, gain insight into research being done by leading biomedical investigators, and learn practical tips for success in academic careers in basic and translational research. At the end of the fellowship year, students will travel to HHMI headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD, to present their research at the annual Medical Fellows’ Scientific Meeting.

Scientific Conferences

Fellows are encouraged to attend a conference in their field during their HHMI fellowship year, particularly if they are presenting their work. HHMI research allowance funds can be used to help support conference attendance.