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We believe that the most transformative breakthroughs come when talented scientists are given the freedom to pursue bold ideas.   

That’s why we take a “people, not projects” approach, providing generous and flexible support to talented scientists so they can go where their science leads.   

HHMI Investigators do research that radically changes our understanding of how biology works. Our Investigators push back the boundaries of basic biological and biomedical sciences, working across many scientific disciplines in a wide range of organisms, at more than 60 institutions in the US. These fundamental discoveries have been broadly recognized by the scientific community, including Nobel Prizes to more than 30 current or former Investigators.

Announcements of new Investigators: 2021, 2018


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HHMI will appoint approximately 25 new Investigators through a national open competition. Applications must be received by March 21, 2023. The blood-dining insect’s neural circuitry for sniffing out its chosen prey is far more complicated and sophisticated than previously thought. To test their DNA typewriter, scientists sought to hide well-known phrases inside cells. But this invention’s most powerful application may lie in documenting the biological events that unfold within the boundaries of normal and diseased cells. Feeling ill is about both the body and the brain. Now scientists have identified a group of neurons in mice that has ultimate control over symptoms such as fever and behaviors like seeking out warmth.