EXROP Projects: Joseph D. Mougous

Joseph D. Mougous
Summer Lab Size:
Local Summer Program: UW Undergraduate Research Program
Program Dates: June 15-August 22, 2015 (Dates for 2016 should be similar)

Identification and Characterization of New Toxins Employed During Interbacterial Competition

An ongoing focus of work in the Mougous lab is the identification and characterization of toxins that bacteria deliver to competitors upon direct cell-cell contact. Many of the toxins we have characterized initially have no similarity to any known proteins. Accordingly, projects to identify their mechanism of action involve molecular biology, bacterial genetics, biochemistry, and structural biology techniques. A student working in the lab would be teamed up with a graduate student or postdoc working on a new toxin, and could chose to pursue one or more approaches to uncovering its mechanism of action.

Scientist Profile

Joseph Mougous
University of Washington
Microbiology, Biochemistry