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Browse the individuals and institutions that have received HHMI grants and the amounts awarded. To search for HHMI Investigators and Scientists go to the Our Scientist Search.

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    American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation
    Alexandria, Virginia
    Siobhan Corbett, M.D.
    University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Joan Lakoski, Ph.D.
    University of Missouri-Columbia
    Columbia, Missouri
    Karen Bennett, Ph.D.
    University of California-San Francisco
    San Francisco, California
    Samara Reck-Peterson, PhD
    University of California-Riverside
    Riverside, California
    Linda Walling, Ph.D.
    University of California-Davis
    Davis, California
    John Galland, Ph.D.
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Philip Clifford, Ph.D.
    University of Cincinnati Medical Center
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sandra Degen, Ph.D.
    Northwestern University
    Evanston, Illinois
    Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D.
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Lisa Kozlowski, Ph.D.
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Newark, New Jersey
    Joshua Berlin, Ph.D.
    University of California-San Francisco
    San Francisco, California
    David Agard, Ph.D.
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Denis Wirtz, Ph.D.
    University of New Mexico Main Campus
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    James Brown, Ph.D.
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Robert Murphy, Ph.D.
    University of California-Irvine
    Irvine, California
    Arthur Lander, Ph.D., M.D.
    University of California-San Diego
    La Jolla, California
    Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Peter Davies, Ph.D.
    University of Chicago
    Chicago, Illinois
    Tobin Sosnick, Ph.D.
    Brandeis University
    Waltham, Massachusetts
    Jeff Gelles, Ph.D.