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    holiday lectures dvd cover
    What controls the numbers and distributions of animals in their environment? How do animals interact with other species? How do natural patterns arise in nature? These are some of the questions that generations of ecologists have been studying. In this lecture series, using the spectacular African...
    Three leading scientists describe the state of biodiversity on our planet and how to face the great challenges that lie ahead. Anthony D. Barnosky, PhD University of California, Berkeley Is Earth on the cusp of a sixth mass extinction? As a paleobiologist, Dr. Barnosky studies the fossil record...
    Sixty years after Watson and Crick revealed the structure of the DNA double helix and only a decade after scientists published the first complete sequence of the human genome, the ability to routinely sequence and analyze individual genomes is revolutionizing the practice of medicine. In the 2013...
    Modern humans have lived on Earth for only the past 200,000 years—not even a blink of an eye in the history of a planet that is about 4.6 billion years old. Scientists have discovered a rich fossil record of animal evolution going back more than 600 million years and a much richer one of microbial...