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Spillover—Zika, Ebola & Beyond
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Throughout the last few decades, diseases that spill over from animals to humans have been on the rise. What’s behind their increase, and can we do anything to combat these dangerous foes? Join scientists as they investigate the rise of spillover viruses like Zika, Ebola and Nipah, and learn what science can do to anticipate and prevent epidemics around the world.

Filmed on four continents, Spillover — Zika, Ebola & Beyond sheds light on one of the most important public health challenges of our time—predicting and stopping the next pandemic. The film is a rich mix of cutting edge science and inspiring personal stories of both tragic loss and selfless heroism. Graphics reveal the invisible world of viruses—organisms that reside in the nether land between being "alive" and "dead"—and animation portrays some of the most dramatic moments of the recent Ebola crisis.

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