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The Making of the Fittest
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This series of five short films features unforgettable examples of the evolutionary process in action. Produced by award-winning filmmakers, each film is an adventure of discovery. From the postglacial lakes in southern Alaska to the highlands of East Africa, fascinating creatures and pioneering scientists reveal how the fittest are made.

Titles in the series:

Natural Selection and Adaptation
tells the story of the evolution of coat color in the rock pocket mouse.

The Birth and Death of Genes
reveals the genetic changes that allow icefish to thrive in ice-cold waters.

Natural Selection in Humans
investigates the connection between malaria and sickle cell anemia.

Evolving Switches, Evolving Bodies
explores the genes involved in the evolution of stickleback bodies.

Got Lactase? The Co-evolution of Genes and Culture
tracks the evolution of lactose tolerance and the beginnings of pastoralism.

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