In recognition of exceptional contributions to science, Gerald M. Rubin and Morgan Sheng have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society.

Two Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientists have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, the national academy of science of the United Kingdom. In recognition of their exceptional contributions to science, the society has elected Gerald M. Rubin, HHMI vice president and director of the Janelia Farm Research Campus, as a foreign member and Morgan Sheng, an HHMI investigator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as a fellow.

Fellows are elected for contributions to fundamental research as well as for leading scientific and technological progress in industry and research establishments. The 44 fellows elected today are “at the cutting edge of science in the UK and beyond,” said Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society. “Their achievements represent the enormous contribution science makes to society."

Rubin's election recognizes contributions to the study of Drosophila genetics and development. Sheng, a neurobiologist, is recognized for work leading to a molecular understanding of synaptic ion-channel complexes.

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