A powerful, award-winning video that encourages minority students to pursue careers is now available on the Web.

A powerful, award-winning video that encourages minority students to pursue science careers has been transformed into a site on the World Wide Web. The site mixes extensive footage from the video with material on scholarships, mentoring programs and other resources for students interested in science. Viewers can order the video free online.

"Not So Wild A Dream" portrays students who are overcoming prejudice and other hurdles to pursue the dream of a scientific career, and minority scientists who have achieved success. It was produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a private philanthropy that has awarded more than $600 million over the past decade to enhance science education nationwide.

The video travels nationwidefrom New York City, where a high school student learns that science is about "opening new doors," to a Navajo reservation, where a tribal member who earned a doctorate in science tells students, "If I can do it and I came from here, all of you can do that, too." "Not So Wild A Dream" has won the Golden Eagle Award from CINE and many other honors, and been broadcast on PBS stations.

HHMI offers the video and an accompanying brochure free to any interested group. To date, it has distributed more than 50,000 copies to high schools, colleges and others. To order the free video, contact HHMI at 301.215.8855, or the website.

Philip Gittelman wrote, produced and directed the video, as well as the new Web version. It is featured on HHMI's site,, which offers a wide array of resources on biomedical research and science education.

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