Ten HHMI investigators, the chairman of HHMI's Medical Advisory Board, and an HHMI international research scholar are elected as members or foreign associates.

The National Academy of Sciences has elected 72 new members and 18 foreign associates from 14 countries. Among them are ten HHMI investigators, the chairman of the Institute's Medical Advisory Board, and an international research scholar from Mexico. Election is considered one of the highest honors that a scientist can receive. The National Academy is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering science and its use to benefit the public.

  • Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Ph.D.,  HHMI Investigator
  • Axel T. Brünger, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Iva S. Greenwald, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Steven Henikoff, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Ruth Lehmann, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Craig Mello, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • David C. Page, M.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Tom A. Rapoport, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Trudi Schupbach, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Christine E. Seidman, M.D., HHMI Investigator
  • Craig B. Thompson, M.D., Chairman, HHMI Medical Advisory Board
  • Ranulfo Romo, M.D., Ds.C. , HHMI International Research Scholar