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K-RITH News Release
Learn more about the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) and its research program.

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k-rith_public_release.pdf (96KB, PDF)

HIV and Tuberculosis: A Lethal Convergence
by Jon Cohen
Putting the HIV and TB epidemics in South Africa into perspective.

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cohen_article.pdf (108KB, PDF)

The people behind K-RITH, including HHMI and UKZN leaders.

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k-rith_bios.pdf (1.2MB, PDF)

About HHMI and UKZN
The institutions collaborating on K-RITH.

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k-rith_descriptions.pdf (82KB, PDF)

Recruitment of K-RITH Director
The search for the K-RITH director is beginning.

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k-rith_positions.pdf (92KB, PDF)

For More Information

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