HHMI is recruiting skilled workers to support the scientific research that will be done at its Janelia Farm Research Campus when it opens later this year.

A world-class biomedical research center has been under construction in Northern Virginia by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) for the past four years. Now it's time to build the world-class staff who will be needed to support the scientific research at the Janelia Farm Research Campus when it opens later this year.

Janelia Farm is now recruiting laboratory support staff, administrative assistants, building engineers, computer help-desk technicians, and other skilled staff who will either work directly for HHMI or for outside service providers. It is holding a Career Open House at the Lansdowne Resort—just next door to the campus—to fill approximately 41 positions.


  • Wednesday, March 29, 4-8 p.m.,
    Thursday, March 30, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Lansdowne Resort
    44050 Woodridge Parkway
    Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

HHMI's Janelia Farm Research Campus is nestled on 700 wooded acres along the banks of the Potomac River in Ashburn, Virginia. When the campus opens during the summer of 2006, it will be a unique scientific community where some of the world's leading biologists, physicists, chemists, computer scientists and engineers will work together to answer significant questions in biomedical science. Research at Janelia Farm will focus on neuroscience—seeking to understand how the brain processes information—and on development of imaging technologies and computational approaches to image analysis that support this research.

"Our goal is to create an environment at Janelia Farm in which science can move forward without many of the bureaucratic hassles often found in other research environments," said Cheryl Moore, chief operating officer at Janelia Farm. "We will be hiring a high-quality team of operational and administrative staff who care about science as much as we do and who understand what customer service is all about. We want to create a uniquely supportive environment in which researchers can focus their energy and attention on their work."

When it is fully operational, several hundred people will work at Janelia Farm, including 24 group leaders, each of whom will head a research group, and another 20 independent JFRC fellows. Approximately 123 technical, administrative and operations staff will support the research of approximately 329 scientists.

There will be an on-site fitness center and dining facilities, as well as a conference center and housing for visiting scientists. The buildings, designed by internationally recognized architect Rafael Viñoly, include a low-rise, terraced laboratory or "landscape" building that emerges gracefully from a hillside and looks across a lake. Its design maximizes interaction between scientists, a key aspect of HHMI's philosophy for Janelia Farm.

HHMI is dedicated to discovering and disseminating new knowledge in the basic life sciences. The Institute grounds its research programs on the conviction that scientists of exceptional talent and imagination will make fundamental contributions of lasting scientific value and benefit to mankind when given the resources, time, and freedom to pursue challenging questions. HHMI prizes intellectual daring and seeks to preserve the autonomy of its scientists as they pursue their research.

A nonprofit medical research organization, HHMI was established in 1953 by the aviator-industrialist. The Institute, headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, is one of the largest philanthropies in the world with an endowment of $14.8 billion at the close of its 2005 fiscal year. HHMI spent $483 million in support of biomedical research and $80 million for support of a variety of science education and other grants programs in fiscal 2005.