Kathryn S. Brown, head of communications, oversees all communications and public relations for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Kathryn BrownThe Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Kathryn S. Brown as Head of Communications. Brown now oversees all communications and public relations for the Institute, including communications strategy, media relations, web presence, editorial services, outreach, and internal communications.

For the past six years, Brown served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at The Conservation Fund, a top-ranked environmental nonprofit dedicated to saving America’s favorite outdoor places. Brown also has worked as a communications consultant to HHMI, the National Academies, The Institute for Genomic Research, and other leading science institutions. An award-winning writer, she is a former correspondent for Science magazine and has contributed to Scientific American, Discover, Popular Science, New Scientist, Technology Review, and other popular magazines.

“Kathryn is a passionate and versatile leader whose extensive experience and commitment to HHMI’s mission will advance our efforts significantly,” said HHMI Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Cheryl A. Moore. “As HHMI continues to innovate, Kathryn’s strategic perspective will help us move forward by communicating effectively with a wide range of key audiences.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining HHMI, an organization that empowers scientists and educators to take giant leaps forward,” said Brown. “Today, more than ever, HHMI’s investment and creativity is pivotal to scientific progress. Through partnership and strategy, we have a lot of good work ahead.”

Brown and her family live in Washington, DC.


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