Impact of Market Changes on Medical Research and Training to be Considered at Conference at HHMI on February 23-24

At a time when the promise of advances in medical research has never been greater, the medical research community faces significant hurdles that could hamper scientific breakthroughs and alter the way medical research is conducted in the future.

On February 23 and 24, the American Cancer Society, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and The Pew Charitable Trusts will convene a two-day conference to address concerns facing the research community. This meeting will help private foundations, voluntary health organizations, and medical research organizations understand more clearly what they can do to stabilize and strengthen the country's biomedical research and training enterprise. The conference will address issues such as the following:

  • How is the market-driven health care system affecting biomedical research?
  • What education and training changes are needed to prepare young scientists for the future? What will the job market for young scientists look like in five to ten years?
  • How can public and private sectors work to sustain and strengthen health research?
  • What future relationships will exist among academic health centers, the pharmaceutical industry, and managed care?
  • How will the proposed budget increase for the National Institutes of Health affect these issues?


  • Harold E. Varmus, M.D., director, National Institutes of Health
  • Kenneth I. Shine, M.D., president, Institute of Medicine
  • Jordan J. Cohen, M.D., president, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Steven A. Schroeder, M.D., president, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • George Poste, M.D., president, research and development, SmithKline Beecham
  • Mark Hatfield, former senator, and chairman, Funding First Representatives of the sponsoring organizations, and others

The conference takes place on February 23-24 at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland. An agenda is available. For additional information, call Linda Loranger, 301/652-1558

Linda Loranger, (301) 652-1558
4000 Jones Bridge Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6789