The Gilliam Fellows for 2006.

Jonathan Abraham Jonathan Abraham
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Current Institution: National Institutes of Health

Jonathan Abraham wants to do medical research, but he is also committed to dispelling myths that degrade minorities. 
John P. Cassady John P. Cassady
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

John Cassady expects to apply skills he learned in sports to his future career in scientific research. 
Ana G. Cristancho Ana G. Cristancho
University of Miami
Miami, FL
Current Institution: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Ana Cristancho dreams of becoming "a healer and a hero" to children with cancer. 
Tam M. Nguyen Tam M. Nguyen
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA

Tam Nguyen would like to establish a foundation to bring better medical care and equipment to her native Vietnam. 
 Kevin B. O'Brien Kevin B. O'Brien
University of Colorado-Boulder
Boulder, CO
Current Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kevin O'Brien wants to find out how acute and persistant viral infections may lead to autoimmune disease.
Edwin H. Rodriguez Edwin H. Rodriguez
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Edwin Rodriguez is already doing research on how insufficient levels of oxygen in blood or tissue may be linked to kidney cancer.

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