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Center for the Advancement of Science Leadership & Culture

The Center plays a key role in HHMI’s efforts to center equity and inclusion in science research and education across key academic career stages. The Center serves as a facilitator, convener, strategic partner, and source of expertise to advance HHMI’s goals for the scientific workforce.

The Inclusive Excellence learning community — currently comprising 191 colleges and universities — designs, implements, and evaluates ideas aimed at increasing institutional capacity for inclusion of students from all backgrounds.

Learn more about Inclusive Excellence 1&2 and Inclusive Excellence 3.

Working with research universities to identify barriers to inclusion and build inclusive learning environments through a multi-institution learning community. A subset of the community receives $2.5 million over five years to implement institution- and student-centered programs. 

Supporting accomplished scientists committed to engaging undergraduates and advancing inclusive science education.

The Forums Advancing Cultural Competency initiative provides matching funds to departments and other organizations to enable scientists and their colleagues to engage in facilitated conversations on equity and inclusion.

To provide leadership development for lab heads and members, HHMI has partnered with the National Center for Principled Leadership and Research Ethics at the University of Illinois to develop this training curriculum.

Equipping undergraduate science educators nationwide with course-based research projects to scale student access to high-impact educational experiences. Participating faculty receive year-round scientific support and collaborate to advance science and education.

Provides professional development for HHMI grantees and scientists, equipping them with the skills and resources to mentor lab members in culturally aware ways.

Preparing science leaders through paired awards to graduate students and their thesis advisers who, together, are committed to advancing equity and inclusion in science. Fellowship provides up to three years of funding, professional development, and community.
As a member of the STEMM Opportunity Alliance, we’re contributing to the development of a national strategy for achieving shared goals for equity in STEMM.