Cool Science was discontinued since the content was not as current as we would like.

HHMI offers many resources for science educators, students, and the science-curious. Check out what's available free from HHMI:

Visit BioInteractive!


The site offers award-winning free resources for science educators and students. Here you'll find lectures, classroom activities, illustrations, animations, and much more.

Image of the Week

Image of the Week:

A weekly image selected from the striking imagery produced every day by scientists around the world.

Short Films

Short Films:

HHMI’s series of short films for the classroom brings fascinating stories of science and scientists to students and teachers. Download SD and HD films in their entirety for free!

Charles Sawyer


Watch interviews with HHMI scientists at all stages of their careers. Learn how they discovered their love of science, how they became researchers, and what a typical day in the lab is like.

HHMI Bulletin

HHMI Bulletin:

HHMI's free online science magazine and iPad app.

The Bulletin offers scientist-vetted content in an in-depth, narrative, ad-free form. Enjoy engaging stories and eye-catching illustrations, along with exclusive videos, interactive graphics, and audio slideshows.

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