The Center for the Advancement of Science Leadership and Culture plays a key role in HHMI’s efforts to intentionally integrate equity and inclusion into research culture, and by doing so enhance diversity across key academic career stages. The Center serves as a source of expertise, collaboration, and strategic guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion to advance HHMI’s goals for the scientific workforce.

Our work initially focuses on three areas:

  • Inclusive Learning. Current and planned HHMI programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level, in which academic faculty, administrators, and students transform the experience of science education. Learn more
  • Cultural Innovations. New HHMI programs and activities aimed at providing professional development and other opportunities designed to improve the experience of science so that all trainees and scientists can thrive. Learn more.
  • Equity-Centered Partnerships. Collaborative efforts to integrate HHMI’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion into the everyday practice of the Center, the Institute’s scientific research, and discovery science broadly. Learn more

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