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Full Time (40 hours/week)


University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, California

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Eva Nogales, PhD
Research Abstract

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The Nogales lab, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute laboratory located at the University of California Berkeley, is seeking a highly creative, motivated, and skilled Postdoctoral Associate in the area of Structural Biophysics to study yeast septins assembly, interaction with lipids, and cellular ultrastructure. The successful candidate will apply his/her knowledge in membrane biophysics and cellular ultrastructure determination to unravel the mechanisms of septins cellular functions during cytokinesis involving their diffusion barrier and scaffolding roles.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Expression and purification of septins for in vitro studies
  • Fluorescence studies of septin interaction with GUVs
  • Electron tomography studies of dividing yeast cells to characterize septin ultrastructure throughout the cell cycle

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong background and publication record in membrane biophysics and/or cellular ultrastructure characterization
  • Experience with membrane interacting proteins, GUVs and/or quantitative fluorescence microscopy
  • Experience with cellular electron microscopy (embedding and sectioning) and tomography, and/or general biochemistry/molecular biology techniques.

Additional Information:

Please send an email with a brief description of research interests, relevant work experience, future career plans, a curriculum vitae, and names of two references to Prof. Eva Nogales at enogales@lbl.gov

Please email your information in a single document.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, please email your resume to:

Eva Nogales, PhD
708C Stanley Hall
MC 3220
Berkeley, California 94720-3220
Email: enogales@lbl.gov

Application Deadline:

Open Until Filled

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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