Postdoctoral Position - Optical Science and Engineering

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Full Time (40 hours/week)


Janelia Research Campus
Ashburn, Virginia

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Meng Cui
Group Leader
Research Abstract

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HHMI's Janelia Farm Research Campus, a unique, world-class research community near Washington, D.C., is dedicated to understanding the function of neural circuits and developing synergistic imaging technology. Our highly collaborative structure is designed to support interdisciplinary work in small lab groups. We seek candidates who are comfortable with risk and are able to think independently to develop novel approaches.

Principal Responsibilities:

The biophotonics laboratory develops novel and robust optical techniques for optical molecular imaging and sensing. Our ongoing projects include a coherent optical adaptive technique-based two-photon microscopy, acoustic wave guided optical phase conjugation, and ultra-high speed two-photon microscopy for pushing the speed of deep tissue fluorescence imaging to the theoretical limit. Moreover, several other new techniques are being designed, including multiplex stimulated emission microscopy, multichannel excitation two-photon microscopy, and novel one-photon microscopy for deep tissue fluorescence imaging. The ultimate goal is to advance the frontier of optical molecular imaging and sensing to provide unprecedented detection depth, quality, sensitivity, and speed for a broad range of applications in biology and medicine.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    One postdoc position is immediately available for highly motivated and skilled experimentalist. Research background in optical science and engineering (such as optical microscopy, OCT, spectroscopy, AMO physics, nonlinear optics, holography, adaptive optics, laser optics, and ultrafast optics) is preferred. The ultimate goal of our lab is to develop new technologies that may impact the way biomedical research is performed. Strong interest towards this line of research is a plus.

      Additional Information:

      To apply, please send your CV and include three references. If you have specific salary requirements, please include them in your e-mail; all information is confidential. Please include the job title "Postdoctoral Associate" in the subject line.

      To Apply:

      To apply for this position, please email your resume to:

      Meng Cui
      Group Leader 1
      19700 Helix Drive
      Ashburn, Virginia 20147
      Email: cuim@janelia.hhmi.org

      Application Deadline:

      Open Until Filled

      HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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