eLife Announces Editors, Launches Website

The editorial board of eLife, the new journal for life and biomedical science launched with the support of HHMI, the Max Planck Society, and the Wellcome Trust, announced the names of the more than 150 reviewing editors who will help deliver on the initiative’s commitment to change peer review. Expediting the review process is one of the fundamental ways eLife will drive change in research communication.

Like the senior editors, who were announced in November, the scientists who make up the international Board of Reviewing Editors (BRE) represent the wide array of disciplines targeted for the eLife journal—from human genetics and molecular neuroscience to oncology and epidemiology.

Hear eLife’s editors talk about the journal.

A key goal for eLife is to improve the peer review process by offering rapid initial decisions, constructive peer review, limited requests for revision, and clear guidance to authors. Once the journal receives a manuscript, the senior editors will work quickly to determine whether it is appropriate for in-depth peer review. Suitable papers will be assigned to a member of the BRE who will review the article along with one or two additional reviewers. The BRE and reviewers will discuss their recommendations and make a final decision. Their decision letter, plus the authors’ responses, will be published with the accepted version of the article.

The names of the BRE members are listed on the eLife website at elifesciences.org. The launch of the organization’s website also marks the unveiling of the eLife logo, which represents life, growth, change, and diversity. The design symbolizes the journal’s breadth of topics, inclusive approach, and commitment to changing the way things are done.

Leaders from HHMI, the Max Planck Society, and the Wellcome Trust discuss the need for a journal like eLife.

“Everyone wants to know if eLife will deliver on our commitment to sit in the top tier of science publishing,” says Randy Schekman, the journal’s editor-in-chief. “We believe the involvement of scientists of this caliber as senior and reviewing editors is another clear sign of that commitment. Prepare your papers now.”

The journal will open for manuscript submissions in the coming weeks.

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Biochemistry, Cell Biology

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