Amy Wagers took up the flying trapeze when she was a postdoc at Stanford University.

A self-taught aficionado of fossilized marine life, Jason Osborne spends most weekends on the beaches flanking Maryland's hundreds of miles of...

On an average Saturday, Chris Garcia runs 20 to 30 miles—on narrow, winding, mountainous trails—with a handful of training partners.

An unusual model organism is offering insight into cardiac physiology—and attracting students to research.

A protein sensor is beefed up to illuminate the language of neural networks.


New cell culture system solves problem of growing liver cells.

Research reveals how some lizards reproduce asexually.

Niche cells can reverse the aging of stem cells.

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An economic argument to lay off the burgers.

Great scientists possess creativity and analytic skills that can be applied to problems outside their laboratories. In the online edition of this Bulletin, Patrick O. Brown explains why he's trimming back his academic responsibilities for a year...

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