Editor's Letter: Where’s My HHMI Bulletin?

Something’s different, all right. You didn’t receive your August HHMI Bulletin. Not to worry; it just means that we’re going to a new publication schedule. Beginning with this issue, the Bulletin will be published three times a year, rather than quarterly. The issues—called Fall, Winter, and Spring—will come out in September, January, and May, respectively.

Publication of the web and iPad editions of the Bulletin will follow the same schedule, with all the vibrant multimedia, interactive elements, and extra content you’ve come to expect. During the summer months, when many of you are busy with family and travel, we plan to make regular updates to our website with fresh content.

We hope the new publication schedule will suit you, our readers, as we move forward in an increasingly digital age. And we hope that with this change we are lessening the impact on the planet, in at least a small way. While many readers tell us they prefer the look and feel of the print Bulletin, others have wholly embraced the web or iPad editions. Whatever your preference, we are committed to continue bringing you stories of scientific discovery.

We hope, too, that you enjoy this issue, particularly our cover story on “the indispensables”—those research specialists who are critical to the success of myriad laboratory research programs. Having spent many years working at the bench, both in university medical centers and industry, I know just how essential these individuals can be. Though some shy away from the limelight, we take a moment to shine a light, however briefly, on the talents and contributions of a few of HHMI’s lab heroes—in this print issue and on our website. We hope their stories will inspire future generations to follow in their footsteps.

Mary Beth Gardiner
Editor, HHMI Bulletin