In This Issue

Janelia Farm scientists and staff take their brain-inspired Lobe Trotter entry to compete in Baltimore’s Kinetic Sculpture Race.

In his free time, microbiologist Fred Eiserling turns his gaze skyward to photograph faraway galaxies.

Former elite science fair winners share their hints for success—in competitions and beyond.

SEA’s hands-on lab approach takes on life of its own.

Bones, Stones, and Genes: The Origin of Modern Humans

With a virus, a needle, and an ultrasound machine, researchers have drastically cut the time it takes to disable a gene in mice.


Special neurons give rodents a leg up when facing unfamiliar territory.

Technology designed for human viruses is helping solve a bee riddle.

Proteins that guide embryo development also repair organs.

Perspectives & Opinions

A fresh approach to teaching inspired by the Summer Institute.

A disease focus can color the scientific process.

President's Message