With its neatly bordered plots, irrigation system, and compost bin in place, the Janelia Farm Research Campus garden is bursting with red tomatoes...

With climbing routes just minutes from his lab at the University of Colorado, Espinosa sneaks away to a crag whenever he can spare a few hours....

Nancy Moreno, a biologist at Baylor College of Medicine, used to build horses out of snow when she was little. Now she competes in 8 to 10 horse...

A West Virginia program pulls students into science by teaching them about the health problems in their own community.

Fifty research universities in 30 states and the District of Columbia, including five first-time awardees, will collect a total of $70 million...

Researchers hope to learn how a fruit fly thinks by accompanying it on a stroll.


A way to switch plants’ reproductive programs could help farmers.

Fruit fly cells don’t all know what sex they are.

Scientists identify a gene that sends flies to the water bowl.

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In this issue of the Bulletin, one HHMI researcher describes the birth of Stem Cells for Dummies. But researchers’ skills go beyond straightforward science. Here, a few name the Dummies book they’d like to write.

Sometimes taking a step back can move science forward.

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