Stickleback Film with Quiz

This is a part of The Making of the Fittest: Evolving Switches, Evolving Bodies


Embedded quiz modules test students’ understanding as they watch a short film that explains how stickleback fish let scientists study evolution in action, identify key genes, and peer deep into the evolutionary past.

Interactive Videos:
(Duration: 15 min 27 sec)
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Curriculum Connections:

AP Biology (2012-2013)
1.A.1.a, 1.A.1.b, 1.A.1.c, 1.A.1.d, 1.A.1. e, 1.A.1.f, 1.A.2.a, 1.A.2.b, 1.A.2.c, 1.A.3.a, 1.A.4.a, 1.A.4.b, 1.C.3.a, 1.C.3.b, 2.D.1.b, 2.D.1.c, 3.A.1.a, 3.A.1.c, 3.A.1.d, 3.B.1.a, 3.B.1.b, 3.B.1.c, 3.B.1.d, 3.C.1.a, 3.C.1.b, 3.C.1.d, 3.C.2.a, 4.A.1.a, 4.A.1.b, 4.C.2.a, 4.C.2.b, 4.C.3.a, 4.C.3.b