Sorting Finch Species

This is a part of The Origin of Species: The Beak of the Finch


Finches discriminate between members of their own species and those of a closely related species based on song and appearance.

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Tips From Teachers

“After watching the short film, The Origin of Species: The Beak of the Finch, my AP Biology students often ask how the Grants identified different species of finches (if they don't ask me, I ask them!). This leads to the Click & Learn Sorting Finch Species. The class gathers in front of the projector screen and we work through the activity as a class. Students are required to support their decisions with specific detail and observations, resulting in great conversations and an appreciation for the human element of scientific investigations. Each time there is always great debate over several birds, causing students to challenge each others' thinking and engage in scientific argumentation.” -- Cindy Gay (Steamboat High School, CO)

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