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  • Thermoregulation in Dinosaurs

    Thermoregulation in Dinosaurs

    Data Points

    Grady and colleagues compared dinosaur fossil evidence with evidence from living animal species to shed more light on the type of thermoregulation that dinosaurs used—ectothermy, endothermy, or mesothermy.

  • Icefish Blood Adaptations: Viscosity

    Icefish Blood Adaptations: Viscosity


    In this simple lab activity, students simulate and compare how blood pumps through the circulatory system of icefish and other fish.

  • Icefish Blood Adaptations: Antifreeze Proteins

    Icefish Blood Adaptations: Antifreeze Proteins

    Labs & Demos

    In this activity, students investigate the importance of antifreeze proteins for icefish survival through two simple labs.