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  • White-Nose Syndrome

    White-Nose Syndrome

    Phenomenal Images

    Students explore images of bats with an infectious fungal disease as phenomena to learn about population dynamics and disease impacts.

  • White-Nose Syndrome in Bat Populations

    White-Nose Syndrome in Bat Populations

    Data Points

    Scientists modeled the impact of an infectious fungal disease on a bat population.

  • Age Structure of Ebola Outbreaks

    Age Structure of Ebola Outbreaks

    Data Points

    Scientists analyzed demographics, including sex and age, of the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease during seven outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Benefits of Schools

    Benefits of Schools

    Phenomenal Images

    Students explore photos of animals in groups as phenomena to explore animal behavior concepts.

  • WildCam Lab

    WildCam Lab

    Click & Learn

    The WildCam Lab is a part of WildCam Gorongosa, an online citizen science platform where users identify animals in trail camera photos. Using the WildCam Lab, students can investigate ecological questions and test hypotheses by exploring trail camera data using an interactive map. 

  • WildCam Gorongosa

    WildCam Gorongosa

    Click & Learn

    Researchers in Gorongosa National Park use remote trail cameras to study the park’s wildlife. You can contribute to this important research through WildCam Gorongosa, an online citizen science platform.

  • Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab

    Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab

    Virtual Labs

    In the Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab students explore the evolution of the anole lizards in the Caribbean by collecting and analyzing their own data.  

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