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  • Gorongosa's Water Cycle

    Gorongosa's Water Cycle


    (2 min 15 sec) This animation illustrates the main stages of the water cycle in the setting of Gorongosa National Park.

  • Coral Bleaching

    Coral Bleaching


    (3 min 48 sec) This animation zooms into a coral reef to explore the tiny animals that build reefs, the photosynthetic algae inside their cells, and the damaging process of coral bleaching.

  • Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics


    (1 min 16 sec) Plate tectonics is the unifying theory of Earth science.

  • The Geologic Carbon Cycle

    The Geologic Carbon Cycle


    (6 min 20 sec) CO2 emitted by volcanoes into the atmosphere is removed by a series of chemical reactions related to rock weathering.

  • Greenhouse Effect

    Greenhouse Effect


    (2 min 14 sec) Sunlight that warms Earth is re-emitted as infrared radiation, which is absorbed by greenhouse gases and causes further warming.