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  • The Mosquito Life Cycle

    The Mosquito Life Cycle


    (1 min 7 sec) To prevent mosquitoes from spreading diseases, it's essential to understand their life cycle.

  • Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

    Bee Colony Collapse Disorder


    (7 min 46 sec) Charles Runckel, a graduate student in the DeRisi lab, uses the Virochip to examine the mystery of bee colony collapse disorder.

  • Size Analogies of Bacteria and Viruses

    Size Analogies of Bacteria and Viruses


    (1 min 44 sec) Dr. Finlay and Dr. Richard Ganem use physical analogies to compare the size of bacteria and viruses relative to a standard mammalian cell.

  • Penicillin acting on bacteria

    Penicillin acting on bacteria


    (34 sec) Penicillin, as shown in this video, causes the cell walls of bacteria to rupture.