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  • Stalking the Genetic Basis of a Trait

    Stalking the Genetic Basis of a Trait


    In this activity students analyze data on the expression of the tb1 gene and use it to formulate an explanation as to how a specific difference in the corn version of the gene explains the phenotype of less branching.

  • Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

    Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

    Scientists at Work

    (8 min 35 sec) Learn the process by which a line of genetically modified mosquitoes was engineered to reduce populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the wild.

  • Ocean Species Respond to Climate Change

    Ocean Species Respond to Climate Change

    Science Talks

    (29 min 39 sec) Coral reefs, how they are threatened by climate change, and how to protect them.

  • Dengue Virus Life Cycle

    Dengue Virus Life Cycle


    (4 min 12 sec) Dengue virus has sophisticated mechanisms for entering a cell, for replicating its RNA genome, and for translating proteins.

  • HIV life cycle

    HIV life cycle


    (4 min 52 sec) How HIV infects a cell and replicates itself using reverse transcriptase and the host's cellular machinery.

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