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  • Discovering the Wallace Line

    Discovering the Wallace Line


    This activity supports the HHMI short film The Origin of Species: The Making of a Theory. Students are presented with a map of the Malay Archipelago and some field notebooks with observations of animals. By plotting which animals are found on which island, the students discover the Wallace Line—a sharp boundary that separates distinct Asian and Australian fauna. 

  • Holmes' Model of Convection

    Holmes' Model of Convection


    (45 sec) An early continental drift model proposed that mantle convection can produce continental movement and new plate formation.

  • Daly's Model of Subduction

    Daly's Model of Subduction


    (2 min 19 sec) An early model of continental drift proposed that parts of continental plates can sink into the mantle, allowing for movement.

  • The Principle of Isostasy

    The Principle of Isostasy


    (2 min 39 sec) Continents rose in elevation after ice sheets from the last ice age retreated. This suggested that the underlying mantle is pliable.

  • Changing Planet: Past, Present, Future

    Changing Planet: Past, Present, Future


    Has Earth changed over deep time? How did Earth shape life and life shape Earth? What does Earth's climate in the distant past tell us about the future?