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  • Understanding Global Change

    Understanding Global Change

    Click & Learn

    This interactive tool allows students and educators to build models that explain how the Earth system works and how it is affected by human activities and nonhuman phenomena.

  • Written in Chalk

    Written in Chalk

    Phenomenal Images

    Students explore photos of chalk formations and coccolithophore algae as phenomena to explore the interplay between biological and geological processes.

  • Ocean Acidification

    Ocean Acidification

    Labs & Demos

    In this hands-on activity, students simulate the effects of decreasing pH caused by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  • Discovering the Wallace Line

    Discovering the Wallace Line


    This activity supports the HHMI short film The Origin of Species: The Making of a Theory. Students are presented with a map of the Malay Archipelago and some field notebooks with observations of animals. By plotting which animals are found on which island, the students discover the Wallace Line—a sharp boundary that separates distinct Asian and Australian fauna. 

  • The Geologic Carbon Cycle

    The Geologic Carbon Cycle


    (6 min 20 sec) CO2 emitted by volcanoes into the atmosphere is removed by a series of chemical reactions related to rock weathering.

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