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  • Scientists at Work Guide

    Scientists at Work Guide

    Resource Guides

    A guide to BioInteractive’s Scientists at Work series of videos aligned to relevant curriculum standards.

  • Scientists at Work

    Scientists at Work


    Less than 10 minutes in length, each video dives into a scientific problem and how it is being studied. The accompanying handouts help assess student understanding and encourage further analysis....

  • Gorongosa National Park

    Gorongosa National Park


    Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was once a thriving national park, until a civil war decimated the park’s large animal populations and halted tourism. A new long-term restoration project is...

  • Film Guides: The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa

    Film Guides: The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa

    Film Guides

    The following classroom-ready resources complement The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa, which tells the story of Tonga Torcida, a young man coming of age on Mount Gorongosa and in the newly revitalized Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.

  • The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa

    The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa

    Short Films

    (34 min 22 sec) Set against the restoration of war-torn Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, The Guide tells the story of a young man from the local community who discovers a passion for science after meeting world-renowned biologist E.O. Wilson.  Also available in Spanish.

  • How To Find a Dinosaur

    How To Find a Dinosaur

    Scientists at Work

    (4 min 5 sec) Dr. Lyson describes dinosaur digs as well as his focus on prehistoric turtle fossils.

  • Leading-Edge Bioinformatics

    Leading-Edge Bioinformatics


    (6 min 36 sec) Peter Skewes-Cox, and Dr. Graham Ruby, both in the DeRisi lab, explain state-of-the-art DNA sequencing and bioinformatic technologies.

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