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  • Resource Guides

    Resource Guides


    Designed by educators, BioInteractive’s resource guides will help you select BioInteractive resources aligned to specific topics and standards, including the AP® Biology Curriculum Framework.

  • Elephants



    Students will learn about DNA profiling (or fingerprinting), how population sizes are measured, genetic bottlenecks, and how sound travels, as they explore several interactives and videos based on...

  • Spanish Materials

    Spanish Materials


    A selection of short films, animations, classroom materials, and interactive features that are available in Spanish. Go to the resource pages below to find links to view or download the Spanish...

  • Animated Life

    Animated Life


    These five short films, produced in conjunction with The New York Times, bring to life five historical scientific discoveries and the people behind them: Alfred Russel Wallace and his contribution to...

  • Scientists at Work

    Scientists at Work


    Less than 10 minutes in length, each video dives into a scientific problem and how it is being studied. The accompanying handouts help assess student understanding and encourage further analysis....

  • Scientific Process

    Scientific Process


    BioInteractive offers many great resources to teach about the history of science, scientific careers, science and society, and the intersection of science with other disciplines.

  • Gorongosa National Park

    Gorongosa National Park


    Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was once a thriving national park, until a civil war decimated the park’s large animal populations and halted tourism. A new long-term restoration project is...

  • The Origin of Species

    The Origin of Species


    Our planet has millions of species, including thousands of mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles, and even more butterflies, beetles, and other animals, each adapted to one of an enormous variety of...

  • Statistics and Math

    Statistics and Math


    Learn the fundamentals of math, statistics, and how to use a spreadsheet in data analysis.

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