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  • Student Discussion on Patterns and Processes in Ecology

    Student Discussion on Patterns and Processes in Ecology

    Science Talks

    (56 min 17 sec) The 2015 Holiday Lecture discussion session.

  • Conserving and Restoring Ecosystems

    Conserving and Restoring Ecosystems

    Science Talks

    (25 min 21 sec) Two important questions in ecology are "How do we conserve ecosystems?" and  "When we try to restore damaged ecosystems, what state do we restore them to?"

  • Communities as Ecological Networks

    Communities as Ecological Networks

    Science Talks

    (41 min 18 sec) Ecosystems include complex interactions between animals and plants, which can be measured experimentally and investigated using mathematical models.

  • How Species Coexist

    How Species Coexist

    Science Talks

    (27 min 25 sec) Large herbivores in the African savanna coexist by partitioning ecological niches by time, space, and diet.

  • Patterns in Nature

    Patterns in Nature

    Science Talks

    (35 min 51 sec) Regular spatial patterns abound in natural systems. Understanding how patterns arise in ecosystems provides insights into how these ecosystems function.

  • Patterns and Processes in Ecology

    Patterns and Processes in Ecology

    Science Talks

    What controls the numbers and distributions of animals in their environment? How do animals interact with other species? How do natural patterns arise in nature? Find out in the 2015 Holiday Lectures on Science.